Homeowners Insurance

Your home is likely your most important and valuable possession. Given that, it is so important for your peace of mind to understand just what you’re getting in a home insurance policy. Whether you’re buying your first home, have a vacation home, rent an apartment, or are simply looking to find a better alternative to your current policy, we’re here for you.


Thinking about the complexities of insuring your most valuable investment can be daunting – What’s the house worth? What about the contents? And what is my liability if someone gets hurt on my property? Plus, what will happen if something does happen?

That’s where we come in; we’ll take the time to discuss your situation now, we’ll review your needs with you as they change, and we’ll be there for you if you ever need to make a claim. We work with great companies, and will craft a custom policy to help protect your home inside and out.

Renters Insurance

Don’t actually own your home? A lot of the things that can happen to homeowners can still happen to renters, so an individualized renters insurance policy to fully cover all your personal contents in and outside your home is a must. You don’t own the building, but you are still a property owner: That property is in the form of furniture, electronics, collectibles, and everything else around your home. You also need to have personal liability which covers you both in and away from your home. Let us help make sure you’re covered.

Seasonal Homes

A vacation home is a fantastic asset that often poses unusual coverage challenges. We’ll work to quote the right insurance, and allow you to rest easy throughout the year. Whether you’re here on the Island or at your mainland home, we’ll make sure you’re set.

Personal Umbrella

An umbrella is a very important piece of any insurance program. The premiums are inexpensive and the added layer of protection over your home and auto gives you peace of mind.

Let us help find the best homeowners insurance options for you